Beauty and strength find each other in Riky van Lint’s bronze sculptures.

Certain recurring themes and motifs run through her whole oeuvre, the most important for her being undoubtedly ' women'. The sculptures she creates represent the quintessential woman – as a mother, a temptress, an affectionate partner, either strong and proud or vain and mysterious. All these archetypes are inherent in her work; never as icons or saints but rather as worldly, vulnerable women, strong and worthy in their concern and in their love or sensuality.

Riky's sculptures stand out by being both realistic and stylised at the same time. As a result, all her work reflects the joy of life and the warmth of human relationships. The pure simplicity of her approach allows her to recognise and interpret the essentials in life. Always in search of balance and the right means of expression, she succeeds in creating sculptures that are both recognisable and appealing.

With the passing of the years, her work has achieved even greater depth. She works long hours in the silence of her studio. It is there she finds the tranquillity to clarify the essence of human life as well as the inner strength she needs to create her sculptures.

The interest in her work is growing rapidly both in the Netherlands and abroad, thanks to presentations of her sculptures at fairs such as TEFAF Maastricht and PAN Amsterdam.